Endless Attachments

Change the attachment to change the machine. Manual tasks traditionally done by many people are now carried out by Dieci rough terrain telescopic handlers. One skilled operator with one machine can do a multitude of activities more efficiently and quickly. With the ability to easily change attachments. The machine can be a high reach front-end loader one minute and a crane or forklift the next, lifting pallets of bricks eight stories high. Degelman designs, develops and manufacturers attachments for Dieci telehandlers from buckets and blades to grapples and forks.

Forks & Related Attachments

Dieci pallet forks are a hook-on style featuring a standard 48 inch pallet fork length. Fork extensions can be added increasing fork length to 76 inches. For better stability an extra wide 72 inch fork carriage allow wide loads to be safely handled. Bale Spears are made from an extremely high tensile material. A small profile design allows for good visibility. Moving, lifting, stacking bales is extremely easy when using a manoeuvrable Dieci telehandler. Bale Grabbers are perfect for use in heavy baled silage.

Square Bale Fork

Lift square bales stacked two high.

Hydraulic Fork Positioning

Designed for moving wide loads such as plywood and gypsum panels in construction and other industries. Hydraulic Fork Positioning is made so that you can hydraulically slide the forks side to side up to 8” without getting out of the cab.

High Back for Fork Carriage 24"

This is designed as a height extension to accompany our Fork Carriage. If you find you’re lifting taller loads, using this extension lets you lift them more securely, with more support for higher stacked loads so they don’t fall back onto the machine.

Fork Extensions

Simply slide over existing forks. Increases the length of standard forks up to 76 inches.

72" Fork Carriage

Floating forks are attached to the end of the boom head providing either a 46 inches or 51 inch wide stance (depending on the machine). By adding the optional 72" fork carriage and hydraulic quick attachment the operator will never have to get out of the cab to hook up. A 72 inch wide Fork Carriage gives a wide stance for better load stability.

Round Bale Spear

If you’re moving a lot of bales, this attachment will do it for you. Lightweight design coupled with durable strength.

Universal Skid Steer Adapter Bracket

Take advantage of your skid steer attachments by converting to Dieci mount with this universal skid steer adapter.

Adapter Plates

Available for all Dieci machines. Convert any existing attachment to fit Dieci machines.

Flat Back Adapter Plate

A black flat plate so you can weld any attachment to it.

Buckets, Grapples & Blades

Although compact in size, Dieci delivers a very impressive breakout force when fitted with a bucket and easily competes with the best skid steers on the market. As the largest industrial dozer blade manufacturer in the world, Degelman has a vast array of material handling solutions of different sizes, capacities and widths including: four-way dozer blades, tripping blades (ICEBREAKER), containment blades (STRONGBOX), light weight multi-winged blades (SPEEDBLADE) as well as an array of buckets and grapples. All are custom designed to fit onto Dieci carriages.

Material Buckets

The material buckets are available in a variety of sizes from 1 1/2 to 4 yards, all designed to fit Dieci Telehandlers.

Excavating Buckets

Perfect for dirt and snow removal for any industry. And because it’s on one of our Dieci Telehandlers, you can do more and reach higher.

Grapple Bucket

The Grapple Bucket is designed for moving silage and manure. We also discovered it works really well for picking up and moving bales. Perfect for farms and loading manure feedlots. 8 feet wide.

Bale Handler

Excellent for producers who move wrapped or silage baled. Strong and easy to use, our Bale Handler moves silage and stacks large bales securely.


Move volumes of snow quickly and easily. Hydraulically open the blade to its maximum width for large or small snow drifts or fold the wings in to move and contain high volumes of snow. Highly maneuverable—get in and out of tight spaces easily. Available in 15 foot and maximum 18 foot widths.

Strongbox Box Blade & Strongbox Adapter Plate

This box blade is a simple, strong and effective tool for high volume snow removal. Double-skin construction, reinforced high volume side plates, reversible skid shoes, and a durable high density rubber cutting edge.

Jibs, Truss Booms, Hooks & Winches

Jibs can be outfitted with winches capable of lifting up to five tons.

The Truss Boom provides an extra reach from 4’4”, 8’2” to 14’10” to lift and place items such as building roof trusses. Hooks compliment the machine on any jobsite. Winches allow for more accurate placement of loads. Loads can be placed below ground or over obstacles. All attachments including winches, truss booms and hooks integrate with the Dieci ATP (Anti Tipping Protection) for safe worry-free operation.

Carriage With Hook

An old standard on a versatile machine. Maneuver and carry large loads up high. Just take the forks off and put the hook on. It’s easy to change over and easy to use.

Carriage With Winch

Able to winch heavy loads and lift them where you need them. Just take the forks off and put the hook on. It’s easy to change and easy to use. Available with or without cable guide. In 2.5 ton, 3.8 ton and 5 ton sizes integrated with the ATP system for added safety.

Jib With Hook

If you need a longer extension to move material through windows or openings on construction sites, this 3’6” Jib with hook will do just the job. Just take the forks off and put this attachment on and you’re good to go.

Giraffe Neck Jib With Hook

This attachment allows you to move large flat material, such as sheetrock, safely and easily. Its arm reaches out far enough so any flat material has a reduced chance of touching the main stay and being damaged.

Truss With Hook 4 1/2’, 8’ & 15’ Lengths

If you need an extension to move material into openings onsite, then this is the attachment to get. Similar to our jibs, just take the forks off and attach the 4’4” (2 ton), 8’2”(1.2 ton) or 14’10” (0.6 ton) crane extension, quickly and easily.

Truss With Winch 4 1/2’, 8’ & 15’ Lengths

If you need an extension to move material into openings onsite, then this is the attachment to get. Similar to our jibs, just take the forks off and attach the 4’4” (2 ton), 8’2”(1.2 ton) or 14’10” (0.6 ton) crane extension, quickly and easily.

Drum Grip

For the construction and oil & gas industries, this attachment gives you the ability to lift heavy drums up to sites or to stack them wherever you wish with confidence. Strong and with a tough grip that doesn’t let go.

Log Handling Clamp

Made for the logging industry, the Log Handling Clamp is one of the strongest, most reliable log handling attachments you’ll find.

People Moving & Maneuvering

Man Baskets provide the operator to move a combination of persons and material in the air simultaneously saving valuable time and money. They can be extended hydraulically and feature a 180 degree swivel. As a safety precaution the Dieci dump command is disabled as the man basket is connected. Man baskets can be attached to any Fixed-Arm or Rotational Body Dieci Telehandler. Fixed-Arm units must be ordered with the proper man basket set-up from the factory. Pegasus units with man basket setups come factory standard.

Even more impressive is the positive/negative aerial jib and rotating basket. The positive/negative jib is incredible for bridge inspection. Move below grade reach to 35 feet and reach nearly 14 feet under and behind the unit’s center line of rotation. All controlled from the basket. Additionally another 40 feet of reach can be obtained with the positive position.

Man Basket

41” deep, 82” long ,43” high and controlled from the basket, passengers can lift themselves straight up to where they need to go. Audible warning when lowered.

180° Rotating Man Basket

Achieve three-way versatility with this attachment. Our 180º Rotating Man Basket means you can lift up, and rotate laterally left and right. And it’s all managed by the personnel in the basket using fingertip hydraulic control. Audible warning when lowered.

Material Basket

Made to meet the needs of the construction industry, our Material Basket allows you to take up the tools and materials you need to get the job done. Various sizes available uppon request.

Extendible Man Basket

Ideal for construction crews. The right and left sides of the Extendible Man Basket hydraulically extend three feet. So, depending on what job you’re doing, personnel can control the lift from the basket and extend the sides whenever they want. Audible warning when lowered. Available in both regular and 180 ° rotating models.

Positive/Negative Jib With Man Basket

Designed for passengers to lift themselves up and move from side to side. The attachment hooks up to the front of the machine and the passengers operate the jib themselves from the man basket.

Radio Remote Control

The optional but highly recommended Radio Remote Control System allows an operator to control boom functions using a compact, wireless remote control pendant from outside the cab or from within a personnel work area.

The remote can raise, lower, extend, rotate and retract the boom as well as start and control the R.P.M. or stop the engine.

Contractors can do more in a day with less people. The remote operator can manoeuvre materials to different elevations all from the elevated work area or where there is better visibility and slowly and precisely place the loads. The transmitter is water and impact resistant. Controls are proportional for smooth and safe delivery.

The ATP (Anti Tipping Protection) remains employed giving you safe operation of the machine. The Radio remote control option can be added to both Dieci Fixed-Arm and Rotational body telehandlers.