Agri Tech 35.7

Professional AG


PTO/3PT Hitch

The first multifunctional machine as strong as a tractor.
From the evolution of Dieci construction telehandlers comes the perfect Agricultural machine that does it all – The PTO/3PT Hitch Agricultural Telehandler.

The Agri Tech was designed to take the place of standard chore tractors with the capability of using either the 540 or 1000 Mechanical 100hp PTO. Now we have a machine that is truly multifunctional. Add the 3PT Hitch category II with a lifting capacity of 8,800 lbs, now you can do even more.

PTO and 3PT Hitch were the main design reasons behind this new model, however the Agri Tech also introduces the new VS Vario System Transmission as well. This new tranny has four drive modes where the operator can switch to Transport Mode, Working Mode, Economy Mode or Match RPM with ground speed Mode by simply turning a knob.

We are not done yet. Dieci also introduces 145 degree tilting on the boom for maximum unloading angle at any degree of lift.
Degelman is also bringing in the Agri Tech fully stocked with every option you could every need. A push of a button and the entire boom floats for an “Easy Ride” suspension. We have allowed for lots of hydraulics as this machine comes with a secondary hydraulic pump that puts out 30 gallons per minute. A fan reverser is also standard so chaff and dirt can be blown out on-the-go by simply pushing a button.

Hydraulic Quick-Tach hooks up to all Degelman made attachments. Stay in the cab while you switch tools.