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Perfect Balance of Engineered Toughness and Intelligent Design

Since 1962, Degelman Industries has pioneered the perfect balance of engineered toughness and intelligent design. The result is outstanding equipment that exceeds expectations and outperforms. We achieve this through meticulous design and vigilant customer service.

Every day, the designers in our state-of-the-art research and development facility work tirelessly to provide mounting solutions to fit the ever-growing population of tractor models and manufacturersómore than 450 models and counting. If it has our name on it, we expect nothing short of optimal performance.

Bulldozer Blade Attachments

Top Extension

Top extension attachments are designed to maximize pushing capacity by preventing spillover.

Silage Extension

Our Degelman Silage Extensions are made from heavy-grade steel and are two feet high so you have maximum volume control. They’re also see-through for increased safety and efficiency.

High Volume Side Plate

Whatever degree your blade is angled at, adding a High Volume Side Plate means you can dramatically improve the amount of volume you can push. It also decreases the amount of snow trailing off your blade so you move more snow with fewer passes.

One-Foot Extension

If you want a bigger blade, or if you add dual wheels to your tractor and want extensions as wide as your wheelbase, our One-Foot Extensions are the answer. Easy to add and as strong as the blade they’re attached to.

Bite Extension

Similar to our One-Foot Extension, our Bite Extension allows you to doze along curbs, foundations or silage container bunks and scrape material off without leaving a trail.

Max Temp® Steel

MaxTemp steel is the same steel that’s used in industrial bulldozer blades. It’s made from hardened high carbon steel that’s strong and durable without being brittle. Made for dozing dirt, levelling roadways, gravel or snow.

Serrated Max Temp® Steel

Serrated MaxTemp Steel cutting edges use the same hardened steel as above but include an added serrated edge that’s ideal for dozing ice.

Rock Digger Attachment

Used for digging boulder sized rocks and stumps this attachment can replace the blade on 4600, 5700 and 6600 models.

Top Extension

Rubber Cutting Edge

Designed to be used either for slurry barns or for snow removal. The Rubber Cutting Edge essentially squeegees barn floors easily for maximum material pick-up. And for snow removal usage, the rubber edge means you can doze without fear of tripping on manhole covers.

Urethane Cutting Edge

A harder material made for close scraping and removal of compact snow and ice. The Urethane Cutting Edge is a durable polymer that gives you three times the wear resistance of rubber while protecting you from tripping on manhole covers. Available for Strongbox only.

Dozer Blade Break Down

Dozer Model Specifications

Dozer Model Specifications
3500 Series 4600/5700 Series 5900 Series 6600/6900/7200 Series 7900 Series

Hydraulic Quick-Tach

In the spirit of safety and simplicity, Degelman has pushed the design process one more time by coming up with the all new HQT-Hydraulic Quick Tach System. This precision built feature utilizes a hydraulic pin engagement concept which allows the operator to secure the blade to the Dozer mounting framework from the tractor seat. It avoids the dangers, awkwardness and hassles of crawling around the tractor to secure the dozer engagement. Just one more example of how Degelman pushes design to make things a little safer, more convenient and last longer.

Dozer Blades
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Dozer Blades
Dozer Blades


Twice the Salt Resistance

In standardized testing, Degelman cylinders boast twice the salt spray rating of ordinary hydraulic cylinders. So, our cylinders last longer and can withstand corrosion better. Just more confirmation that our cylinders are up to the high standards we set for all Degelman products and parts.

Induction-Hardened Shafting

We start with oversized induction-hardened chrome shafting for strength. It’s a premium shaft that has the hardest surface possible to resist nicks, without being brittle. This allows the shaft to be tough, but flexible enough to bend without breaking. As a result, our cylinders last longer and can handle tougher loads for angling, tilting and lifting.

Heat-Treated Bushings

We use heat-treated spring bushings pressed right into the lugs of our dozer blades. These bushings take an incredible amount of pressure from the hydraulic system. Made from heat-treated steel, the bushings and lugs last longer and can take a lot more pressure. It also significantly reduces egging around the hole and maintains the efficiency and integrity of the entire system.

Dozer Blades
Cylinder Break Apart

Grease Gun Ready

All these pins are easily accessible by a grease gun, so they’re easy to maintain and grease can easily be applied to the high-pressure areas that need it. It’s all part of our philosophy to build equipment right, which means to make sure it lasts as long as possible. When you buy a Degelman, you know you’re buying quality.

Different Strokes

We designed our cylinders for maximum stroke to reduce the number of passes across the shaft during normal operation. Because the longer the stroke, the less wear and tear there is on the shaft, the barrel and pins. And because the cylinder is integral to the performance of the entire system, having it last as long as possible is critical.

200-Hour Corrosion Resistant Chrome

If chrome rusts, it gets pitted and can tear the seals. To increase the lifespan of our cylinders, we choose the best induction chrome shafting available. It’s the highest rated and rust resistant chrome available in the industry.

Superior Seals

Our seal package and wear band system means zero metal-to-metal contact for increased longevity. The seal package also includes a surge protector seal made from high grade polymers—so if there’s a spike in hydraulic pressure, oil won’t go past the piston. And the rod wiper seals are top-of-the-line components that clear away ice, debris and snow.

High Grade Wear Bands

We build wear bands into our cylinder system made out of a special high-grade wear material that eliminates scoring on the shaft and cylinder wall during high side loads. Without high-grade wear bands, the cylinders get scratched and become ineffective. The addition of wear bands to our cylinders means increased durability and better performance under maximum side loads.